Woke Lancet Journal calls for Roe’s defense against Wade

Woke Lancet Journal calls for Roe’s defense against Wade

Formerly prestigious Lancet A medical journal has attacked a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion, calling for the defense of Roe vs. Wade and the continuation of abortion on demand in the United States.

“What is so shocking, inhumane and irrational about this draft opinion is that the Court bases its decision on an 18th century document that ignores 21st century realities for women,” reads the article. from May 14 from Lanceteditorial board entitled “Why Roe vs. Wade must be defended”.

“History and tradition can be respected, but they should only be partial guides,” the editors say. “The law should be able to adapt to new and unforeseen challenges and difficult situations.”

the Lancet notes that in the United States, “black women have a rate of unintended pregnancies twice that of non-Hispanic white women”, but fails to mention that black babies are aborted in the United States at 3.6 times the white rate. The functional racism behind the American abortion industry led the Reverend Clenard Childress, pastor of New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, New Jersey, to note: “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the ‘uterus.

Abortion is the leading cause of death for black people in America, accounting for more deaths than homicide or any other disease, including cancer and heart disease.

the Lancet goes on to hypocritically state that “the maternal mortality rate for black women, to which unsafe abortion is a significant contributor, is almost three times that of white women.”

Indeed, during the last year for which there are reliable data (2020), the total the number of maternal deaths among black women in the United States was only 293, while some 800 black babies are aborted in the United States each day.

“The fact is that if the Supreme Court of the United States upholds its proposed decision, women will die,” said the Lancet warn publishers. “Judges who vote to invalidate deer will not succeed in ending abortion, they will only succeed in ending safe abortion.

“Alito and his supporters will have women’s blood on their hands,” they declare censoriously.

the Lancet states that the right to safe abortion services is “at the heart of any conception of a woman’s well-being and gender equality”, adding that the availability of an “essential package of sexual and reproductive health should be a basic right for all women”.

“What kind of society has the United States become when a small group of judges are allowed to harm the women, their families, and the communities they have been tasked to protect?” ask the editors.

“Indeed, if the Court denies women the right to a safe abortion, it will be a judicial endorsement of state control over women – a breathtaking setback for women’s health and rights, which will have global repercussions,” they conclude.

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