‘We’re finally together again’: Joe and Jill Biden celebrate the return of the White House Easter egg roll after a pandemic hiatus

‘We’re finally together again’: Joe and Jill Biden celebrate the return of the White House Easter egg roll after a pandemic hiatus

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden welcomed around 30,000 guests to their backyard on Monday for the return of the annual White HouseEaster Egg Roll, the biggest event the Bidens have held there since moving in amid the pandemic. of Covid-19.

Dr Biden, whose office organized the event, chose this year’s theme “EGGucation” – a nod to her journey as a teacher – to honor what she described as “the determined spirit of Education” by transforming the South Lawn into a “school community”. complete with a “reading corner” where children could hear books being read aloud to them, and a “physical egg” area with basketball and soccer equipment.

Standing on the balcony of the Blue Room and flanked by two Easter bunnies – including the bespectacled bunny with a penchant for vests whose perpetually shocked expression has made him a darling of comedians under the Trump administration – Mr. and the Dr Biden both said they were “excited” to welcome the throngs of children and families to the White House for the first time during Mr Biden’s presidency.

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“We couldn’t have this Easter egg roll last year because of the pandemic, but this year – this year – we’re finally coming together, and it’s so special,” Biden said. , adding that it “means so much” to him to “see and hear the children and all the families show up here today”.

“Joy and laughter have been a wonderful tradition here at the White House for a long, long time,” he said.

The annual event dates back to the 1870s, when then-President Rutherford Hayes welcomed local children to the White House lawn to roll hard-boiled Easter eggs after Congress closed the grounds of Capitol Hill at practice.

In 1932 rubber eggs – which bounced more easily on grass and sidewalks without leaving broken shells – were used. Wooden eggs bearing presidential signatures now associated with the event as souvenirs were first distributed by then-President and First Lady Ronald and Nancy Reagan during the 1981 Egg Roll Easter, and that tradition has been continued by the Bidens, who will be gifting attendees with souvenir eggs bearing their signature, as well as a paw print of their German Shepherd pup, Commander.

Before concluding his remarks, Mr Biden thanked the White House Historical Association, the National Park Service and the National Egg Board – the event’s sponsor – for the “hard work” everyone put into making the festivities possible Mondays and asked the crowd for a round of applause before wishing them a good time at the event.

“Welcome to the White House,” he said. “Welcome home”.

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