Twitter wants to put third-party apps back in the limelight

Twitter wants to put third-party apps back in the limelight

After years of rocky relationships with developers, Twitter is now trying to win them back.

In its final step, the company wants to promote third-party apps on its platform. The company uses Twitter Toolboxa webpage launched in February, to highlight the apps to a number of users.

As TechCrunch reported, the experiment begins by suggesting security-related apps to users, such as tools to filter out vile comments.

Amir Shevat, Twitter’s product manager for its developer platform, told the publication that the company wants to contextualize app suggestions for users based on their actions:

[Developers] want users and we want to provide them with the right users at the right time – giving value both to Twitter users, who currently need these development innovations, and giving distribution to these developers.

As you can see from the image below, when a user blocks someone, Twitter may suggest apps like Block Party, Bodyguard, and Moderate that help you optimize your experience on the bird site by filtering the unwanted content – going beyond what the platform can do on its own.

Twitter will now show third-party apps based on user actions.