Tuesday, April 19 Solution and hint

Tuesday, April 19 Solution and hint

Tuesday is upon us. Today’s name comes from the Old English Tiw’s Day, referring to the Germanic god Tiw, or Týr in Old Norse. The rune of the god ᛏ is the equivalent of the letter ‘T’ in the runic alphabet.

Týr was a god of war, similar to the Roman god Mars – indeed, in Latin languages, the day is instead dedicated to Mars, hence martes in Spanish, Martedì in Italian and tuesday in French.

It is a day of war, in other words, of battle, valor and great glory. But for us Wordling types – better satisfied with word puzzles and brain teasers than dying in the bloody field – it’s a day to solve one of the trickiest Wordles we’ve seen in some time. .

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Today’s Wordle #304 Answer and Hint

It may not be as heroic as Týr sacrificing his hand to the great wolf Fenrir, but I must warn you of spoilers ahead. A hint and today’s Wordle answer follows.

First, the hint: you will find them when entering many buildings, especially theaters or hotels.

And the answer is . . . .


It’s one of those tricky words both because of the way it’s spelled and because it’s pronounced differently in American and British English. americans say Foy-ur while the British say Foy-yay (although many Americans, somewhat snub-nosed, prefer the British version).

It’s a fancy word no matter how you pronounce it and it might prove a bit tricky for today’s puzzle. I struggled to get there myself, with the “unluckiest” possible outcome for my first guess, complaint, according to the Wordle Bot. Normally this word will reduce the solutions to 164, but with today’s word I am left with 455 possible solutions. Ouch!

Short was much better, and Wordle Bot agreed. “Excellent choice,” WB informed me. “SHORT would have been one of my best choices. You narrowed it down to 27 possible solutions.

Alas, my next choice wasn’t so great. I knew that wouldn’t be the case. I was hoping for a grand slam. A Hail Mary. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Error was the right word and I just guessed it luckily on #3?

Wordle Bot informed me that I narrowed down the solutions to 9 here, but ROGER would have been better “74% of the time”. Roger? OK.

Again Wordle Bot waved his finger at me for my fourth guess, boxer, and pointed out that ‘WOBBLY here eliminates more solutions in eight of the nine possible scenarios. I hate you, Wordle Bot.

Even in my prime, Wordle Bot gives me a ZERO “skill” rating for guessing the right word, foyer, in my fifth and final guess. Apparently I should have guessed pig (a 99 word skill!) even thought that wouldn’t have been right! “You got it!” WB tells me, “But, with five solutions still to choose from, it was a bit of luck.”

Mmmmmmmmm. I hate you, Wordle Bot. I love you but I hate you too.

Thanks for reading, friends! Have a nice day from Tiw. Make love Not War. Maybe play a little God of the war if the warrior inside you wants to fight. See you on Thor’s Day – Paul Tassi has the Wordle of Tomorrow (aka Odin).

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