Three new Sega Genesis games added to Nintendo Switch Online in April

Three new Sega Genesis games added to Nintendo Switch Online in April

Nintendo is adding three more Sega Genesis titles to its growing lineup of classic games available through the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack.

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Nintendo regularly adds new N64 and Sega Genesis titles to its Nintendo Switch Online catalog of games since the expansion pack was introduced in October 2021. Many subscribers to the paid service were initially not thrilled when the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack was announced due to its additional cost and the somewhat reduced offering of games, although the starter selection included must-have classics like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


In the six months since the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack launched, the list of included N64 and Genesis games has nearly doubled, and subscribers can now enjoy F-Zero X, ToeJam and Earl, paper mario, and many other titles. And to increase the authenticity of the Switch experience, Nintendo has also released a Sega Genesis controller and a Nintendo 64 controller which unfortunately often sell for high prices on eBay or out of stock on the official website.

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Mario Golf joined the Nintendo Switch Online selection of N64 titles in April 2022, and three new Sega Genesis games have also been added: Sonic Spinball, Shining Force 2, and Space harrier 2. The latter is a game that was a launch title in 1988 for the Mega Drive in Japan. space harrier has 12 stages, each with a final boss, and follows the heroism of a man who travels the universe to save worlds under attack from hostile forces. The game was popular enough to also be released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2009.

Brilliant strength was part of the original line of Genesis titles made available through the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack, and now subscribers who perused the first game can continue their adventures in the sequel. A tactical role-playing game released in 1993, the plot of Brilliant Force 2 is not related to the history of its predecessor. True to its RPG roots, players can explore towns, talk to locals, and upgrade their army’s gear in addition to engaging in turn-based combat. This game was also released on the now defunct Wii Virtual Console, and can also be purchased as a standalone title on Steam.

Adding a Sonic game at the lineup comes at a good time, given the recent announcement of Sound originswhich will offer players remastered versions of four classic titles featuring the blue hedgehog. Sonic Spinball was originally released in 1993 and is considered a spin-off title set in the anime series timeline. The levels of the game are a succession of environments reminiscent of a pinball machine, and of course Sonic is the pinball machine.

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