Orsolya Gaal: Timeline of events leading to the brutal murder of a mother of two in New York

Orsolya Gaal: Timeline of events leading to the brutal murder of a mother of two in New York

The grisly murder of mother-of-two Orsolya Gaal has stunned residents of the Forest Hills, Queens neighborhood where she lived.

Ms Gaal, 51, was stabbed 58 times in the basement of her home before her killer placed her body in a sports bag and left her remains in a nearby park in the early morning of Saturday April 16.

Two days later, it emerged that police had identified someone interested in his murder.

Here’s what we know about the events leading up to Ms Gaal’s death and the police investigation.

Good Friday April 15: Ms Gaal is seen in the backyard of her Tudor-style home in Forest Hills with her dog Teddy during the evening by neighbor John Blankson.

Sources told CBS New York that Ms Gaal attended a show at Lincoln Center that night with friends. Her youngest son Leo, 13, stayed home.

Her husband, Howard Klein, 53, and eldest son, Jamie, 17, were in Oregon and were reportedly looking for college options for his high school graduation.

She later sat in a bar near her home for 40 minutes, apparently waiting for someone to show up, before heading home alone after midnight.

Police believe a man she knew who had access to her Juno St home showed up some time later. It is believed he entered through a back door and there was no sign of a break-in. That person has been identified as a “person of interest” in the case, unnamed law enforcement sources said.

Ms Gaal was stabbed 58 times in the chest, neck and arms and suffered defensive wounds to the palm and fingers. The ferocity of the attack leads law enforcement to suspect it was carried out by someone who knew her.

Surveillance footage shows a person dragging a sports bag containing Ms Gaal’s body


Saturday April 16: At 4:30 a.m., surveillance cameras on a doorbell on 75th Avenue capture a person rolling a sports bag down the street.

Police believe Ms Gaal’s killer stuffed her remains into the bag and dumped it half a mile from her home, near the corners of Jackie Robinson Parkway and Metropolitan Avenue.

Just after 8am, dog walker Glenn Van Nostrand, 51, tripped over the bag after his two Rhodesian Ridgebacks were attracted to the smell.

Mr. Van Nostrand said The New York Post he looked inside and first thought it might be a dummy. He soon realized it was a body and called 911 at 8:11 a.m.

The victim has no identification on her and the police found a trace of blood to the family home.

They find 13-year-old Leo home alone on the top floor of the three-story house. He was taken in handcuffs for questioning at a local police station, before being released later that day.

Mr Klein, who founded and runs a finance company, told police he received a threatening text message from his wife’s mobile phone, warning her: ‘Your whole family is next.’ The killer alludes to the fact that Ms. Gaal was responsible for sending him to prison.

Mr. Klein returns to New York from Portland, Oregon, with his son Jamie, telling The post office“Our lives are in danger”.

The family has not been returned to the family home, which is being treated as a crime scene.

Police say Orsolya Gaal’s killer sent a threatening text message to her husband Howard Klein


Sunday April 17: Neighbors in the affluent neighborhood of Queens are concerned about such a grisly crime at a family home.

Local resident Nick Bais recounts The post office: “Everyone is nervous because a killer is running around, who just slaughtered someone a few meters from our house, and they are still on the run.”

Police maintain a presence outside the Tudor-style house.

Tributes are pouring in for Ms Gaal, a Hungarian-born woman who is said to have met Mr Klein when he worked as an investment banker in Budapest in the 1990s.

She is remembered as a doting mother, an animal lover and an avid hiker and skier, who enjoyed traveling and attending live concerts.

Monday April 18: The police returned home in the early afternoon, taking an iMac computer and several bags of evidence.

Multiple outlets are reporting that the NYPD has identified a “person of interest” in the case. He is described as a man known to Ms Gaal and who had access to her home on Juno St.

Police sources reveal Ms Gaal was reported missing by her husband in May 2020.

The post office reported that Mr. Klein called 911 just after 7 a.m. to say his wife had not returned after taking a walk around 12.30 a.m. the day before.

He called back about 30 minutes later to say his wife had returned safely.

The medical examiner’s office confirmed that Ms Gaal’s death had been ruled a homicide, due to “acute injuries to her neck”.

Tuesday, April 19: Police said the investigation into Ms Gaal’s death was ongoing. They have yet to name a suspect or make an arrest.

Officers scour the neighborhood putting up signs advertising a $3,500 reward for information.

The poster reads, “Up to $3,500 reward for homicide information,” alongside a photo of the Klein-Gaal house.

“On Saturday, April 16, 2022, at approximately 12:40 a.m.…An unknown perpetrator stabbed 51-year-old Orsolya Gaal multiple times, causing her death. The victim was found in a sports bag along Metropolitan Avenue in Queens,” police said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 577 8477.

The New York Post reported that the police wanted to speak to a handyman who had previously worked at the house and who may have had access to the property.

A police source said The post office: “[Detectives] don’t think it was a planned murder.

“He left a trail of blood five blocks from the house. It was like a trail of bread crumbs,” the source added.

“If you want to kill someone, you try to make them a little cleaner, be a little more prepared. He didn’t go with anything to move his body. He took something from the house.

An electrician who carried out work at the Queens home where Orsolya Gaal was murdered said the house was equipped with an advanced surveillance system.

Arrjuna Jack said DailyMail.comthe property on Juno St, Forest Hills, had cameras throughout the property.

Mr Jack said the house has a separate entrance which leads to the kitchen and the basement.

Wednesday April 20: NYPD spokeswoman says The Independent no person of interest has been identified.

“The investigation is ongoing, detectives are reviewing all incoming information.”

NYPD detectives returned to the neighborhood that night to search for 44-year-old David Bonola. Mr Bonola was one of three men Ms Gaal spoke to on the night of her murder and is believed to have been a former lover.

Mr Bonola reportedly approached the detectives’ car around 11.30am and said “I heard you were looking for me”. He was transported to the 112th district where he was interrogated and then finally arrested.

The man reportedly made a full confession to the police. Mr Bonola said he had already done work on Ms Gaal’s home and knew where to find the key. He reportedly said it allowed him to slip into the house and stab Ms Gaal to death without alerting her 13-year-old son who was upstairs.

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