New Grand Theft Auto 5 builds remove transphobic content

New Grand Theft Auto 5 builds remove transphobic content

Rockstar Games omitted some outdated references to transgender people from Grand Theft Auto 5’s next-gen update.

Cockatoo in GTA

The lifespan of Auto grand theft 5 now spans three generations of consoles. During this time, the game remained largely the same, apart from any additions to grand theft auto online, which attributed to its extended life. At this time, society evolved outside of gaming. Some jokes or gags became callous and developers became more aware of deliberately or unknowingly creating offensive content in games. 10 years after the development cycle of Auto grand theft 5some of the game’s background skins and NPCs have been updated and changed to address some jokes that haven’t aged well.


In the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S update from GTA 5, transphobic jokes and content seem to have been removed. This was noticed by members of the GTA community and compiled into a thread on Twitter by Kristy Cloud, an administrator on the GTA forums.

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Drag queens or transvestites no longer spawn outside of Cockatoos, a bar the player cannot enter but can interact with patrons outside. Voice lines with transphobic dialogue referring to taking hormones and comments referring to gender confirmation were also removed, along with a reference to a toy that had “interchangeable genitalia”. The thread also claims that UK-based game developer group OutMakingGames has corresponded with Rockstar Games about some transphobic content in Auto grand theft 5. They recently confirmed that they have been in touch with Rockstar Games and are happy with the developer’s response.

Even though Rockstar Games has a reputation for putting out elaborate parodies of real-world incidents and subjects, there will be a line. The line has gone from 2013, when the game was first released, to the present day. What was considered good by Rockstar then isn’t good now, and the company has listened to the constructive criticism. Cloud referenced another member of the GTA Community’s thoughts on the changes in their thread regarding possible cries of censorship. These references may not even have started as jokes meant to be transphobic, but corners of the GTA community have turned them into caricatures that can be used to offend.

Of course, there is resistance to change. Some gamers will play devil’s advocate for Rockstar Games’ penchant for the usual line pitch when making jokes about real-world issues. However, the writers at Rockstar Games have the ability to do some long-standing witty commentary that can even include marginalized groups without being offensive.

Auto grand theft 5 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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