Halo Infinite’s second season will run for 6 months, with co-op targeting August

Halo Infinite’s second season will run for 6 months, with co-op targeting August

343 Industries has detailed Halo Infinite’s second season, which will run for six months and add co-op to the campaign mode in August.

Halo Infinite’s second season, Lone Wolves, is right around the corner, and 343 has finally detailed some of the content players can expect to see. As was the case with the game’s first season, Lone Wolves will be another six-month season, starting on May 3 and ending on November 7.

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The roadmap picks up some of the content we’ve already heard about, like game modes like Last Spartan Standing, Land Grab, and King of the Hill, plus two new maps, Catalyst and Breaker, for Arena and Big Team Battle. respectively. Two story events are also planned for the season, one taking place from May 3 to May 16 and the other a bit later from July 19 to August 1. A new Fractured event, Entrenched, will also take place between May 24 and May 30.


By far the most interesting part of the roadmap is the mention of release window targets for co-op play and Forge. Network cooperation is scheduled for August, while Forge beta testing begins in September. It’s important to note that these are just goals at this time, which means there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually start on the planned dates.

The roadmap also reveals some of the plans for the game’s third season, which begins on November 8. According to the roadmap, we can expect to see new maps, new modes, new sandbox elements, new story events, and a new rift event, all of which are to be expected in a new season.

However, he also mentions that Forge’s open beta will continue to run from its scheduled release in September until the game’s third season, implying that it will be in open beta for at least a few months. The roadmap also indicates that couch co-op should be added at some point in the third season, although there are currently no estimates included.

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